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Home Funeral

Caring for Your Own at Home

We offer our assistance to families who want to care for their deceased loved ones in the comfort and privacy of their own home. While perhaps not for everyone, preparing and viewing a loved one at home is for some families the right choice, offering a comforting and healing experience, as well as a natural transition from caring for their loved one at home prior to death. 


Please check back as we develop this option.

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What's Old is New

Generations ago, it was common practice for neighbors to gather in the home of the deceased and help the family prepare their loved one to lie "in state" at home, amidst the loving presence of relatives and friends.  Such a home viewing would sometimes continue for as long as three days, affording the grieving family time to say goodbye to their loved one, and come to terms with the parting, aided by the support of family and friends.

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